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Bellemount Stables LLC

Lesson Program

The lesson curriculum at Bellemount centers on hunt seat instruction for riders of all levels of ability. Instruction provides a solid basis of correct equitation (rider position) and rider/horse communication. Extensive flatwork creates a foundation for successful jumping. Lessons include proper care and maintenance of the horse. Riders will groom, tack up, untack, cool down, and feed their horses during each lesson. Bellemount’s curriculum also emphasizes sportsmanship, teamwork, and patience with horses and other riders. Riders eventually become comfortable riding inside and outside of the ring. Riders who wish to pursue competitive riding are outfitted with the tools necessary to pursue this goal as well. During rainy day lessons, riders will learn important lessons off of the horse such as braiding, blanketing, bandaging, emergency care, conformation, stable management, stretching exercises, etc. Private and group lessons meet the individual needs of both horse and rider. Riders may take lessons on their own horse or a horse at Bellemount. Bellemount’s goal is to create technically correct and confident hunt seat riders of all ages.

Interscholastic Equestrian
Association Team


Bellemount hosts both a middle and high school Interscholastic Equestrian Team. The mission of IEA is to introduce students in private and public middle and secondary schools (primarily ages 9 through 19) to equestrian sports. We also participate in the newly added  IEA Adult Pilot Program for adults 21+. Owning a horse is not necessary for participation in IEA competitions. Bellemount IEA riders have competed successfully at Regionals, Zones, and Nationals since 2014.


  • To encourage recognition for middle and secondary school equestrians and to promote the equestrian as an athlete.

  • To provide riders with organized competitive opportunities.

  • To introduce new riders to equine sports.

  • To promote the IEA among its constituencies.

  • To provide riders with opportunities to further their education in equine sports and equine-related matters.

  • To encourage liaison with other equestrian associations for the betterment of equestrian sports.

  • To encourage a higher standard of coaching and instruction.

  • To provide information concerning the creation and development of mounted and non-mounted equestrian programs.

  • To establish and enforce IEA rules, standards and policies.

  • To keep pace with the continuing progress of equestrian sports and to encourage good horsemanship.

  • To generally promote the common interests of riding instruction and competition, and education on matters related to all segments of the horse industry.

  • To develop team and individual sportsmanship.

  • To establish a foundation to support the continuing mission of the IEA.

    Learn more about IEA at

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